Susan Finch Laymon
Art Photography
& Ceramics
"I use the camera for my brush and
nature as my palette. It is my desire
to capture the beauty that surrounds
us every day...
in a way
that gets your attention!!"
UPDATED July 2020
Contact information:
Lakeside Art and Gifts
707-264 9962
11-4 Th-Sun or leave a message
Susan Laymon  .. susanlaymon@gmail.com
Linda Kelly ..
Gytha March .. gythamarch@gmail.com

Lakeside Art is a co-op gallery featuring the work of local artists.
Located beside the boat ramp and park in Harbor Village : Lucerne, California.
We are nestled on the shores of Clear Lake in Lucerne.
By clicking on an image, visit each artist's page
to view their work.
And then....
Drop by the shop and say "Hello"!
Open Thursday - Sunday
11:am to 4:pm  
Linda Kelly
Displaying Unique
Gourd Art
"I love the variety of shapes and
how the gourds "talk to me" when I
begin to work with them."
Lee Bowers
Charming Expressions
"Come and share my love
for Abalone Jewelry!"
Gytha March
Watercolors, collage, upcycled denim,
hand-painted furniture
click image for more
"Handpainted rocks & gourds"

Featured Artist in July
Dan Strait
Dan is a Lodi based ceramicist and potter
with strong ties to Lake County.  He
has been creating works since 2000 with his
primary base at Alpha Fired Arts in
His current focus is on functional ware
(mugs, bowls, plates, etc.) of earthenware
clays fired at mid-range temperatures in an
oxidation environment.
His favorite glazes feature variations of blues
and browns, with accents of reds, greens,
and amber to liven things up!
In addition to  gallery sales, he is
available to fill orders for different sizes,
shapes, and colors of ware upon request.
Dan joined Lakeside Art and Gifts in 2014.

Enjoy shopping for the perfect gift.
Artists at Lakeside Art and Gifts:
David Stillwell: Wire wrapped jewelry
Susan Barnes: Watercolor, collage, oils
Mary Ferrara: Textiles
Toni by Design: Plants, hats
Lora Jabot: Cool vintage inspired work
Dan Strait: Pottery
Marlene Gaidosh: Hand woven pieces
Donna Higgins : Jewelry
Lee Bowers: Jewelry
Leah Adams : Rock art
Sandy McIntire: Cards
Brenda Reyes:  Dot art pieces
Susan Laymon: Photography
Linda Kelly: Gourd art
Gytha March: Watercolors
" I love to paint the world I see    
outside my window."

Just so you know...
We Are Back!!!

Closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the artists and
craftspersons of Lakeside Art and
gifts are pleased to announce that they will be reopening
on Friday, November 6th.
Our hours are 11-4 Friday through Sunday in Novelmber.
The shop features the art and crafts of 17 different
talented persons including: photography, painting, gourd
art, succulent gardens, hats, dot art, pottery, textiles,
jewelry, cards, handmade soaps and more.

Holiday items are now available.

Our artists have shown loyalty and faith in the gallery
during our closing, we are proud to say that everyone has
chosen to return .
We would like to thank the people of Lake County for
their ongoing support, and we are looking forward to
serving  our friends with a variety of art and gifts for for
any occasion.

Art Space for Rent at Harbor Village

If you're looking for the perfect spot for your art related
business, Harbor Village is the place for you.
Available now, a  street facing cottage in a small four
cottage complex.
The other three cottages are currently rented.
Approximately 333 square feet.
Windows facing Highway 20.
New floors and paint. Renters must be open for business
20 hours a week, Thursday-Sunday.  $300 a month.
To make an appointment to view, call
Lakeside Art and Gifts at 707-264 9962
Viewing 11-4, Friday-Sunday ONLY

Happy Fall!
Toni Stewart
Succulent Gardens
"There is confirmation of living as
I am rejuvenated creating art
either in dirt, or creating hats."