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Toni Stewart
I simply love to create hats!
Given I wear hats just about everywhere,
I began drawing, and designing hats that fit my
mood and now yours.

It's with great pleasure that I design, create and
hand-make a hat for you.

Nothing thrills me more than to see the many
smiles at a garden party or having tea with
friends while wearing a Unique Design made
just for you.

I am so appreciative of all those who love the
unique art of millinery.  
Toni's Gardens by Design
are peaceful living
creatures of tranquility.
They provide the eyes and
soul a respite from rushing
to do the next task to
enjoying the simple
wonders of the moment.  
Each creation contains a
variety of plants and
succulents, working in
tandem, from different  
parts of the world.  Exhale,
breath and enjoy.  Toni's
gardens will thrive outside
on a deck or patio, with
minimal watering.  They will
also do well indoors with
adequate light and
occasional outdoor visits.
"One size" does not fit all.  That "size" does not fit me and may not fit you.
The desire to wear stylish head wear and finding only limited sizing is what fueled her passion to create!
Her millinery education began in 2004 and continues today.
Recently she has battled cancer, igniting a major reset which led to periods of healing and peace through
creating the beautiful succulent gardens she displays in the gallery.
"There is confirmation of living as I am rejuvenated creating art either in dirt or creating hats."
Toni rejoined Lakeside Art and Gifts in 2019